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Xo-ology is the first album to be released by Xoa. Recorded at KMG studios in Boulder this marks the bands first professionally recorded album, complete with drummer Kyle Robins. The album blends traditional hard rock with contemporary EDM style grooves to create a blend of music that is fun to dance, and headbang to at the same time. The single off the album  "Kodiak" is a sultry yet psychedelic jam that will take you to an ethereal state of mind, while the "Red Shift" cut will make you want form a mosh pit in your own living room. The intention of this album is to take the listener on a journey they won't forget while expressing a passion for a truly unique fusion of genres. 

Debut EP:


Evolver is Xoa's debut EP release. Blending the borders between EDM and progressive rock, this is the beginning of a sonic adventure guided by the dance rock trio known as Xoa.